Volume 33 (2001)

Number 1 (February 2001)


Charles Engel and John H. Rogers, "Violating the Law of One Price: Should We Make a Federal Case Out of It?" pp. 1-14

Philip Arestis, Panicos O. Demetriades, and Kul B. Luintel, "Financial Development and Economic Growth: The Role of Stock Markets" [zip] pp, 16-41 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

Peter Clark, Douglas Laxton, and David Rose, "An Evaluation of Alternative Monetary Policy Rules in a Model of Capacity Constraints," pp. 42-64

Takashi Senda, "Assymetric Effects of Money Supply Shocks and Trend Inflation ," pp. 65-89

Mario Henriquen Simonsen and Rubens Penha Cysne, "Welfare Costs of Inflation and Interest-Bearing Money," pp. 90-100

Subal C. Kumbhakar, Ana Lozano-Vivas, C.A. Knox Lovell, and Iftekhar Hasan, "The Effects of Deregulation on the Performance of Financial Institutions: The Case of Spanish Savings Bank," pp. 101-120

Ila M. Semenick Alam, "A Nonparametric Approach for Assessing Productivity Dynamics," pp. 121


Number 2, Part 1 (May 2001)


Richard Grossman, "Double Liability and Bank Risk Taking" [zip] pp. 143-159 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

William Easterly and Stanley Fischer, "Inflation and the Poor," pp. 160-178

Roel M.W.J. Beetsma and A. Lans Bovenberg, "The Optimality of a Monetary Union without a Fiscal Union," pp. 179-204

Charles W. Bischoff and Halefom Belay, "The Problem of Identification of the Money Demand Function,"pp. 205-215

David B. Humphrey, Moshe Kim, and Bent Vale, "Realizing the Gains from Electronic Payments: Costs, Pricing, and Payment Choice, pp. 216-234

Paul Newbold, Stephen J. Leybourne, Robert Sollis, and Mark E. Wohar, "U.S. and U.K. Interest Rates, 1890-1934: New Evidence on Structural Breaks," pp. 235-250

Yangru Wu and Junxi Zhang, "The Effects of Inflation on the Number of Firms and Firm Size," pp. 251-271

Donald L. Schunk, jarchive-v33"The Relative Forecastion Performance of the Divisia and Simple Sum Monetary Aggregates" [zip] pp. 272-283 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

Liutang Gong and Heng-fu Zou, "Money, Social Status, and Capital Accumulation in a Cash Advance Model," pp. 284-293

George Selgin, "In-Concert Overexpansion and the Precautionary Demand for Bank Reserves," pp. 294


Number 2, Part 2 (May 2001)

Global Monetary Integration, A Conference Sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland June 1-3, 2000

Marco Del Negro, Alejandro Hernández-Delgado, Owen Humpage, and Elisabeth Huybens, Special Issue Editors

Mark S. Sniderman , "Opening Remarks," pp. 301-302

Marco Del Negro, Alejandro Hernandez-Delgado, Owen Humpage, and Elisabeth Huybens, Introduction: Context, Issues, and Contributions, pp. 303-311

Guillermo A. Calvo, "Capital Markets and the Exchange Rate, with Special Reference to the Dollarization Debate in Latin America," pp. 312-334

Comment by Anil K. Kashyap, pp. 335

Ross Levine and Maria Carkovic, "How Much Bang for the Buck? Mexico and Dollarization," pp. 339-363

Comment by Jon Faust pp. 364-369

Thomas F. Cooley and Vincenzo Quadrini, "The Costs of Losing Monetary Independence: The Case of Mexico," pp. 370-397

Comment by Stefania Albanesi and Larry Christiano, pp. 398-403

Marco Del Negro and Francese Obiols-Homs, "Has Monetary Policy Been So Bad That It Is Better to Get Rid of It? The Case of Mexico," pp. 404-433

Comment by Mario Crucini pp. 434-439

Enrique G. Mendoza, "The Benefits of Dollarization When Stabilization Policy Lacks Credibility and Financial Markets Are Imperfect," pp. 440-474

Comment by Fernando Alvarez, pp. 475-509

Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe, "Stabilization Policy and the Costs of Dollarization," pp. 482-509

Comment by Carlos Zarazaga, pp. 510-519

Charles Engel, "Optimal Exchange Rate Policy: The Influence of Price Setting and Asset Markets," pp. 518-541

Comment by Marco A. Espinosa-Vega, pp. 542-547

Valerie R. Bencivenga, Elisabeth Huybens, and Bruce D. Smith, "Dollarization and the Integration of International Capital Markets: A Contribution to the Theory of Optimal Currency Areas," pp. 548-589

Comment by Timothy J. Kehoe, pp. 590-596

Christopher A. Sims, "Fiscal Consequences for Mexico of Adopting the Dollar," pp. 597-616

Comment by Thomas J. Sargent, pp. 617-625

George J. Borjas and Eric O'N. Fisher, "Dollarization and the Mexican Labor Market," pp. 626-647

Alan C. Stockman, "Optimal Central Bank Areas, Financial Intermediation, and Mexican Dollarization,"pp. 648-666

Comment by Richard H. Clarida, pp. 667


Number 3 (August 2001)

Money, Credit, and Banking Lecture

Michael Woodford, "Fiscal Requirements for Price Stability," pp. 669-728


William Coleman, "Is It Possible That an Independent Central Bank Is Impossible? The Case of the Australian Notes Issue Board, 1920-1924," pp. 729-748

Hung-Jen Wang, "Production Smoothing When Bank Loan Supply Shifts: The Role of Variable Capacity Utilization," pp. 749-766

Biing-Shen Kuo and Anne Mikkola, "How Sure Are We about Purchasing Power Parity? Panel Evidence with the Null of Stationary Real Exchange Rates," pp. 767-789

David H. Papell and Hristos Theodoridis "The Choice of Numeraire Currency in Panel Tests of Purchasing Power Parity," pp. 790-803

Jyh-Lin Wu and Shaowen Wu, "Is Purchasing Power Parity Overvalued?" pp. 804-812

W. Scott Frame, Aruna Srinivasan, and Lynn Woosley, "The Effect of Credit Scoring on Small-Business Lending," pp. 813-825

Andr?Lucas, "Evaluating the Basle Guidelines for Backtesting Banks' Internal Risk Management Models,"pp. 826-846


Number 4 (November 2001)


John Y. Campbell and Sydney Ludvigson, "Elasticities of Substitution in Real Business Cycle Models with Home Production," pp. 847-875

Tor Einarsson and Milton H. Marquis, "Bank Intermediation over the Business Cycle," pp. 876-899

Robert DeYoung, Mark J. Flannery, William W Lang, and Sorin M. Sorescu, "The Information Content of Bank Exam Ratings and Subordinated Debt Prices," pp. 900-925

Yener Altunbas, Lynne Evans, and Philip Molyneux, "Bank Ownership and Efficiency," pp. 926-954

Paul Bennett, Richard Peach, and Stavros Peristiani, "Structural Change in the Mortgage Market and the Propensity to Refinance," pp. 955-975

David C. Parsley and Helen A. Popper, "Official Exchange Rate Arrangements and Real Exchange Rate Behavior," pp. 976-993

Oistein Roisland, "Institutional Arrangements for Monetary Policy When Output Is Persistent," pp. 994-1014

Leo Van Hove, "Optimal Denominations for Coins and Bank Notes: In Defense of the Principle of Least Effort," pp. 1015-1021

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