Volume 38 (2006)

Number 1 (February 2006)


Sumit Agarwel, Brent W. Ambrose, and Chunlin Liu, "Credit Lines and Credit Utilization," pp. 1-22

Ilian Mihov and Anne Sibert, "Credibility and Flexibility with Independent Monetary Policy Committees,"pp. 23-46

Anamaria Nicolae and Charles Nolan, "The Impact of Imperfect Credibility in a Transition to Price Stability," pp. 47-66

James R. Booth and Lena Chua Booth, "Loan Collateral Decisions and Corporate Borrowing Costs," pp. 67-90

Gabriel Perez Quiros and Hugo Rodriguez Mendizabal, "The Daily Market for Funds in Europe: What Has Changed with the EMU?" pp. 91-110

Hans Dewachter and Marco Lucio, "Macro Factors and the Structure of Interest Rates" [zip] pp. 119-141 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

R. Anton Braun and Etsuro Shioji, "Monetary Policy and the Term Structure of Interest Rates in Japan,"pp. 141-162

Christopher Hanes, "The Liquidity Trap and U.S. Interest Rates in the 1930s," pp. 163-194

Hashmat Khan and Zhenhua Zhu, "Estimates of Sticky-Information Phillips Curve for the Untied States,"pp. 195-208

Hugo Rodriguez Mendizabal, "The Behavior of Money Velocity in High and Low Inflation Countries," pp. 209-228

Lein-Lein Chen, Seungmook Choi, and John Devereux, "Accounting for U.S. Regional Real Exchange Rates," pp. 229-244

Antione Martin, "Endogenous Multiple Currencies," pp. 245-262

Shorter Papers, Discussions, and Letters

Joshy Z. Easaw and Atanu Ghoshray, "Agent-Based Learning in 'Islands' with 'Sticky Information': An Explanation for the Persistence of Real Effects," pp. 263-268

Sebastian Edwards and I. Igal Magendzo, "Strict Dollarization and Economic Performance: An Empirical Investigation" [zip] pp. 269-282 (there is no read me file for this file archive)


Number 2 (March 2006)


Gauti B. Eggertsson, "The Deflation  Bias and Commiting to Being Irresponsible" [zip] pp. 283-322 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

J. David Cummins and Maria Rubio-Misas, "Deregulation, Consolidation, and Efficiency: Evidence from the Spanish Insurance Industry" [zip] pp. 323-356 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

Guyane Hovakimian and Sheridan Titman, "Corporate Investment with Financial Constraints: Sensitivity of Investment Funds from Voluntary Asset Sales" [zip] pp. 357-374 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

Andrew H. Chen, Negjiu Ju, Sumon C. Mazumdar, and Avinash Verma, "Correlated Default Risks and Bank Regulations," pp. 375-398

Reint Gropp, Jukka Vesala, and Giuseppe Vulpes, "Equity and Bond Market Signals as Leading Indicators of Bank Fragility" [zip] pp. 399-428 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

Michael T. Belongia and Peter N. Ireland, "The Own-Price of Money and the Channels of Monetary Transmission" [zip] pp. 429-446 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

David H. Papell, "The Panel Purchasing Power Parity," pp. 447-468

Christopher S. Baum and John Barkoulas, "Dynamics of Intra-EMS Interest Rate Linkages" [zip] pp. 469-482 (or more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

Luca Guerrieri, "The Inflation Persistence of Staggered Contracts" [zip] pp. 483-494 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

Gabriele Camera and Filip Vesely, "On Market Activity and the Value of Money," pp. 495-510

Daniel L. Thornton, "Test of the Expectations Hypothesis: Resolving the Campbell-Shiller Paradox" [zip] pp. 511-542 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

Shorter Papers, Discussions, and Letters

Harris Dellas, "Monetary Shocks and Inflation Dynamics in the New Keynesian Model," pp. 543-552

Christopher Bowdler and Luca Nunziata, "Trade Openness and Inflation Episodes in the OECD" [zip] pp. 553-568 (there is no read me file for this file archive)


Number 3 (April 2006)


Robert Van Order, "A Model of Financial Structure and Financial Fragility," pp. 565-586

Pierpaolo Benigno and J. David Lopez-Salido, "Inflation Persistence and Optimal Monetary Policy in the Euro Area," pp. 587-614

Timothy C.G. Fisher and Jerzy D. Konieczny, "Inflation and Costly Price Adjustment: A Study of Canadian Newspaper Prices," pp. 615-634

Lilia Maliar and Serguei Maliar, "The Neoclassical Growth Model with Heterogeneous Quasi-Geometric Consumers," pp. 635-654

Mark Weder, "Taylor Rules and Macroeconomic Instability or How the Central Bank Can Preempt Sunspot Expectations," pp. 655-678

Irina Levina and Oleg Zamulin, "Foreign Currency Pricing," pp. 679-696

Hiroshi Fujiki, "Institutions of Foreign Exchange Settlement in a Two-Country Model" [zip] pp. 697-720 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

David Cook and Michael B. Devereux, "Accounting for the East Asian Crisis: A Quantitative Model of Capital OUtflows in Small Open Economies," pp. 721-750

Adam B. Ashcraft, "New Evidence on the Lending CHannel," pp. 751-776

James Peery Cover, Walter Enders, and C. James Hueng, "Using the Aggregate Demand-Aggregate Supply Model to Identify Structural Demand-Side and Supply-Side Shocks: Results Using BivariateVAR," pp. 777-790

Eric T. Swanson, "Have Increases in Federal Reserve Transparency Improved Private Sector Interest Rate Forecasts?," pp. 791-820

Shorter Papers, Discussions, and Letters

Kenneth A. Carow, Edward J. Kane, and Rajesh P. Narayanan, "How Have Borrowers Fared in BankingMegamergers?," pp. 821-836

Koen Vermeylen, "Heterogeneous Agents and Uninsurable Idiosyncratic Employment Shocks in aLinearized Dynamic General Equilibrium Model," pp. 837-846


Number 4 (June 2006)


Richard Dennis and Ulf Soderstrom, "How Important Is Precommitment for Monetary Policy?," pp. 847-872

Qiang Zhang, "Human Capital, Weak Identification, and Asset Pricing," pp. 873-900

Seth Carpenter and Selva Demiralp, "The Liquidity Effect in the Federal Funds Market: Evidence from Daily Open Market Operations" [zip] pp. 901-920 (there is no read me file for this file archive)

Chi-Young Choi, Nelson C. Mark, Donggyu Sul, "Unbiased Estimation of the Half-Life Convergence in Panel Data" [zip] pp. 921-938 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

Katie Farrant and Gert Peersman, "Is the Exchange Rate a Shock Absorber or a Source of Shocks? New Empirical Evidence," pp. 939-962

Christian Broda and Eduardo Levy Yeyati, "Endogenous Deposit Dollarization," pp. 963-988

Jason Seligman, "Does Urgency Affect Price at Market? An Analysis of U.S. Treasury Short-Term Finance," pp. 989-1012

Marcia Millon Cornett, Jamie John McNutt, and Hassan Tehranian, "Performance Changes Around Bank Mergers: Revenue Enhancements versus Cost Reductions," pp. 1013-1050

Norman Loayza and Romain Ranciere, "Financial Development, Financial Fragility, and Growth" [zip] pp. 1051-1076 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

Hwagyun Kim and Chetan Subramanian, "Transaction Cost and Interest Rate Rules," pp. 1077-1092

Bruce McCullough, Kerry McGreary and Teresa Harrison, "Lessons from the JMCB Archive," pp. 1093-1108

The Editors, "An Editors Comment on 'Lessons from the JMCB Archive' by Bruce McCullough, KerryMcGreary and Teresa Harrison," pp. 1109-1110

Shorter Papers, Discussions, and Letters

Charles M. Kahn and Joao A.C. Santos, "Who Should Act as a Lender of Last Resort? An Incomplete Contracts Model: A Comment," pp. 1111-1118

Huw Dixon and Engin Kara, "How to Compare Taylor and Calvo Contracts: A Comment on MichaelKiley," pp. 1119-1126


Number 5 (August 2006)


Todd E. Clark and Michael W. McCracken, "The Predictive Content of the Output Gap for Inflation: Resolving the In-Sample and Out-of-Sample Evidence" [zip] pp. 1127-1148 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

Jean Boivin, "Has US Monetary Policy Changed? Evidence from Drifiting Coefficients and Real-Time Data," pp. 1149-1174

Charles Engel and Kenneth D. West, "Taylor Rules and the Deutschmark-Dollar Real Exchange Rate,"pp. 1175-1194

L. Paige Fields, Donald R. Fraser, Tammy L. Barry, and Steven Byers, "Do Bank Loan Relationships Still Matter?" [zip] pp. 1195-1210 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

M. Hashem Pesaran, Til Schuermann, Björn-Jakob Treutler, Scott M. Weiner, "Macroeconomic Dynamics and Credit Risk: A Global Perspective," pp. 1211-1262

Beverly Hirtle, "Stock Market Reaction to Financial Statement Certification by Bank Holding Company CEOs," pp. 1263-1292

Mark Carlson and Kris James Mitchene, "Branch Banking, Bank Competition, and Financial Stability" [zip] pp. 1293-1328 (For more information see the read me file [xls] for this file archive.)

Shorter Papers, Discussions, and Letters

David H. Papell and Ruxandra Prodan, "Additional Evidence of Long Run Purchasing Power Parity with Restricted Structural Change," pp. 1329-1350

Kevin J. Stiroh, "A Portfolio View of Banking with Interest and Noninterest Activities," pp. 1351-1362

John Duffy and Jim Engle-Warnick, "Multiple Regimes in U.S. Monetary Policy? A NonparametricApproach," pp. 1363-1378

Ari Aisen and Francisco Jose Veiga, "Does Political Instability lead to higher inflation? A Panel Data Analysis" [zip] pp. 1379-1390 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

Edmund Cannon and Giam Pietro Cipriani, "Euro-Illusion: A Natural Experiment" [zip] pp. 1391-1403 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)


Number 6 (September 2006)


Graham Elliot and Elena Pesavento, "On the Failure of PPP for Bilateral Exchange Rates After 1973,"pp. 1405-1430

Yongheng Deng and Stuart Gabriel, "Risk-Based Pricing and the Enhancement of Mortgage Credit Availability among Undeserved and Higher Credit-Risk Populations," pp. 1431-1460

Seonghoon Cho and Antonio Moreno, "A Small-Sample Study of the New-Keynesian Macro Model" [zip] pp. 1461-1482 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

Allen N. Berger and Robert DeYoung, "Technological Progress and the Geographic Expansion of the Banking Industry," pp. 1483-1514

Karen Epermanis and Scott E. Harrington, "Market Discipline in Property/Casualty Insurance: Evidence from Premium Growth Surrounding Changes in Financial Strength Ratings," pp. 1515-1544

C.N.V. Krishnan, P.H. Ritchken, and J.B. Thomson, "On Credit Spread Slopes and Predicting Bank Risk,"pp. 1545-1574

Donald P Morgan and Cara Lown, "The Credit Cycle and the Business Cycle: New Findings Using the Loan Officer Opinion Survey," pp. 1575-1598

Robert Reed and Christopher J. Waller, "Money and Risk Sharing," pp. 1599-1618

Kai Leitemo and Ingunn Lonning, "Simple Monetary Policymaking without the Output Gap," pp. 1619-1640

Rasmus Fatum and Barry Scholnick, "Do Exchange Rates Respond to Day-to-Day Changes in Monetary Policy Expectation When No Monetary Policy Changes Occur," pp. 1641-1658

Shorter Papers, Discussions, and Letters

Youngsoo Bae, Vikas Kakkar, and Masao Ogaki, "Money Demand in Japan and Nonlinear Cointegration" [zip] pp. 1659-1668 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

Angelos Kanas, "Purchasing Power Parity and Markov Regime Switching" pp. 1669-1687


Number 7 (October 2006)


Giovanni Dell'Ariccia, Isabel Schnabel, and Jeromin Zeetelmeyer, "How Do Official Bailouts Affect the Risk of Investing in Emerging Markets," pp. 1689-1714

Ludger Linnemann, "The Effect of Government Spending on Private Consumption: a Puzzle?," pp. 1715-1736

Michael Salemi, "Econometric Policy Evaluation and Inverse Control," pp. 1737-1764

Jens Tapking and Jing Yang, "Horizontal and Vertical Integration in Securities Trading and Settlement,"pp. 1765-1796

Jean-Charles Rochet and Cornelia Holthausen, "Efficient Pricing of Large Value Interbank Payment Systems," pp. 1797-1818

Patrick de Fontnouvelle, Virginia DeJesus-Rueff, John S Jordan, Eric S Rosengren, "Capital and Risk: New Evidence on Implications of Large Operational Losses," pp. 1819-1846

Tao Wu, "Macro Factors and the Affine Term Structure of Interest Rates," pp. 1847-1876

Klaus Adam and Roberto M. Billi, "Optimal Monetary Policy Under Commitment with a Zero Bound on Nominal Interest Rates," pp. 1877-1906

Chung-Hua Shen and Chien-Chiang Lee, "Same Financial Development yet Different Economic Growth: Why?," pp. 1907-1944

Shorter Papers, Discussions, and Letters

Charles T. Carlstrom and Timothy S. Fuerst, "Oil Prices, Monetary Policy, and Counterfactual Experiments," pp. 1945-1958

Francesco Zanetti, "Labor Market Frictions, Indeterminacy and Interest Rate Rules," pp. 1959-1969


Number 8 (December 2006)


Ivan Paya and David A. Peel, "A New Analysis of the Determinants of the Real Dollar-Sterling Exchange Rate: 1871-1994," pp. 1971-1990

Kenneth P Brevoort and Timothy H. Hannan, "Commercial Lending and Distance: Evidence from Community Reinvestment Act Data," pp. 1991-2012

Eugenio Gaiotti and Alessandro Secchi, "Is There a Cost Channel of Monetary Policy Transmission? An Investigation into the Pricing Benaviour of 2,000 Firms," pp. 2013-2038

Daniel L. Thornton, "When Did the FOMC Begin Targeting the Federal Funds Rate? What the Verbatim Transcripts Tell Us," pp. 2039-2072

John Duffy, Maxim Nikitin, and R. Todd Smith, "Dollarization Traps," pp. 2073-2098

Andre Meier and Gernot J. Müller, "Fleshing Out the Monetary Transmission Mechanism: Output Composition and the Role of Financial Frications" [zip] pp. 2099-2134 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

Min Qi and Yangru Wu, "Technical Trading-Rule Profitability, Data Snooping, and Reality Check: Evidence from the Foreign Exchange Market," pp. 2135-2158

William Lastrapes, "Inflation and the Distribution of Relative Prices: The Role of Productivity and Money Supply Shocks" [zip] pp. 2159-2198 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

Attila Ratfai, "Linking Individual and Aggregate Price Changes," pp. 2199-2224

Shorter Papers, Discussions, and Letters

Andrew K. Rose, "Cities and Countries," pp. 2225-2246

Oisten Roisland, "Inflation Inertia and the Optimal Hybrid Inflation/Price-Level Target," pp. 2247-2251