Volume 40 (2008)

Number 1 (February 2008)

Seth Carpenter and Selva Demiralp, "The Liquidity Effect in the Federal Funds Market: Evidence" pp. 1-24

Wenying Jiangli, Haluk Unal, and Chiwon Yom, "Relationship Lending, Accounting Disclosure, and Credit Availability" pp. 25-56

Nada Mora, "The Effect of Bank Credit on Asset Prices: Evidence from the Japanese Real Estate Boom during the 1980s" [zip] pp. 57-88 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

Ben Craig and Guillaume Rocheteau, "Inflation and Welfare: A Search Approach" pp. 89-120

Luca Benati, "The Great Moderation: in the United Kingdom" pp. 121-148

Ron Borzekowski, Elizabeth K. Kiser, and Shaista Ahmed, "Consumers' Use of Debit Cards: Patterns, Preferences, and Price Response [zip] pp. 149-172 (there is no read me file for this file archive)

John M. Barron, Byung-Uk Chong, and Michael E. Staten, "Emergence of Captive Finance Companies and Risk Segmentation in Loan Markets: Theory and Evidence" [zip] pp. 173-193 (there is no read me file for this file archive)

Leonardo Bartolini, Spence Hilton, and Alessandro Prati, "Money Market Integration" [zip] pp. 193-214 (there is no read me file for this file archive)

Shorter Papers, Discussions, and Letters

Viral V. Acharya and Tanju Yorulmazer, "Information Contagion and Bank Herding" pp. 215-232

Richard C. K. Burdekin and Marc D. Weidenmier, "Can Interest-Bearing Money Circulate? A Small-Denomination Arkansan Experiment, 1861-63" pp. 233-240


Number 2-3 (March-April 2008)

Federico Ravenna and Fabio M. Natalucci, "Monetary Policy choices in Emerging Market Economies: The Case of High Productivity Growth" pp. 243-273

Adam B. Ashcraft, "Are Bank Holding Companies a Source of Strength to Their Banking Subsikiaries?"pp. 274-295

Thomas B. King, "Discipline and Liquidity in the Interbank Market" pp. 296-318

S. Boragan Aruoba, "Data Revisions Are Not Well Behaved" pp. 319-341

Gary Koop, Simon M. Potter, and Rodney W. Strachan, "re-Examining the Consumption-Wealth Relationship: The Role of Model Uncertainty" [zip] pp. 341-368 (there is no read me file for this file archive)

Luca Gambetti, Evi Pappa, and Fabio Canova, "The Structural Dynamics of U.S. Output and Inflation: What Explains the Changes?" [zip] pp. 369-388 (there is no read me file for this file archive)

David Demery and Nigel W. Duck, "Relative Prices as Aggregate Supply Shocks with Trend Inflation" [zip] pp. 389-408 (For more information see the read me file for this file archive.)

Matthew Doyle and Barry Falk, "Testing Commitment Models of Monetary Policy: Evidence from OECD Economies" pp. 409-426

Liam Graham and Dennis J. Snower, "Hyperbolic Discounting and the Phillips Curve" pp. 427-448

Charles L. Weise, "Private Sector Influences on Monetary Policy in the United States" [zip] pp. 449-462 (there is no read me file for this file archive)

Yasuyuki Sawada and Satoshi Shimizutani, "How Do People Cope with Natural Disasters? Evidence from the Great Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake in 1995" [zip] pp. 463-488 (there is no read me file for this file archive)

Timothy Bates and William D. Bradford, "Venture-Capital Investment in Minority Business" pp. 489-504

Shorter Papers, Discussions, and Letters

Jean-Guillaume Sahuc and Frank Smets, "Differences in Interest Rate Policy at the ECB and the Fed: An Investigation with a Medium-Scale DSGE Model" pp. 505-522

Atsushi Inoue and Barbara Rossi, "Monitoring and Forecasting Currency Crises" pp. 523-534

Yehning Chen and Iftekhar Hasan, "Why Do Bank Runs Look Like Panic? A New Explanation" pp. 535-546

Juha Kilponen and Kai Leitemo, "Model Uncertainty and Delegation: A Case for Friedman's k-Percent Money Growth Rule" pp. 547-555


Number 4 (June 2008)

Federic J. Mishkin and Niklas J. Westelius, "Inflation Band Targeting and Optimal Inflation Contracts"

Michael Sager and Mark P. Taylor, "Commercially Available Order Flow Data and Exchange Rate Movements: Caveat Emptor"

Adam H. Shapiro, "Estimating the New Keynesian Phillips Curve: A Vertical Production Chain Approach"

Dong Heon Kim, Denise Osborn and Chengsi Zhang, "The New Keynesian Phillips Curve: From Sticky Inflation to Sticky Prices"

Kevin X.D. Huang, Falko Fecht, and Antoine Martin, "Financial Intermediaries, Markets, and Growth"

Ester Faia and Tommaso Monacelli, "Optimal Monetary Policy in a Small Open Economy with Home Bias"

Lawrence H. White, "Did Hayek and Robbins Deepen the Great Depression?"

Paula Lopes, "Credit Card Debt and Default over the Life Cycle"

Shorter Papers, Discussions, and Letters

Alexis Direr, "Multiple Equilibria in Markets with Screening"

Dean Scrimgeour, "The Great Inflation Was Not Asymmetric: International Evidence"

Joshua Aizenman and Reuven Glick, "Pegged Exchange Rate Regimes - A Trap?"


Number 5 (August 2008)

Philippe Bacchetta and Eric van Wincoop, "Higher Order Expectations in Asset Pricing"

Roc Armenter, "A General Theory (and Some Evidence) of Expectation Traps in Monetary Policy"

Douglas D. Evanoff and Evren Örs, "The Competitive Dynamics of Geographic Deregulation in Banking: Implications for Productive Efficiency"

Matteo Iacoviello, "Household Debt and Income Inequality"

Yasuo Hirose, "Equilibrium Indeterminacy and Asset Price Fluctuation in Japan: A BayesianInvestigation"

Alessandro Riboni and Francisco Ruge-Murcia, "The Dynamic (In)efficiency of Monetary Policy by Committee"

Luis-Gonzalo Llosa and Vincente Tuesta, "Determinancy and Learnability of Monetary Policy Rules in Small Open Economies"

Shorter Papers, Discussions, and Letters

Masakatsu Okubo, "On the Intertemporal Elasticity of Substitution under Nonhomothetic Utility"

Mark Weder, "Sticky Prices and Indeterminacy"

Matthew Higgins, Daniel Levy, and Andrew Young, "Sigma Convergence versus Beta Convergence: Evidence from U.S. Country-Level Data"

William A. Branch, Troy Davig, and Bruce McGough, "Monetary-Fiscal Policy Interactions underImplementable Monetary Policy Rules"


Number 6 (September 2008)

Lutz Kilian and Simone Manganelli, "The Central Banker as a Risk Manager: Estimating the Federal Reserve's Preferences under Greenspan"

Markku Lanne and Helmut Lütkepohl, "Identifying Monetary Policy via Changes in Volatility"

Xavier Freixas and José Jorge, "The Role of Interbank Markets in Monetary Policy: A Model with Rationing"

Peter D. Spencer, "Stochastic Volatility in a Macro-Finance Model of the US Term Structure of Interest Rates 1961-2004"

Saiying (Ester) Deng, Elyas Elyasiani, "Geographic Diversification, Bank Holding Company Value and Risk"

Felipe Meza, "Financial Crisis, Fiscal Policy and the 1995 GDP Contraction in Mexico"

Joel T. Harper and James E. McNulty, "Financial System Size in Transition Economies: The Effect of Legal Origin"

Shorter Papers, Discussions, and Letters

Szilárd Benk, Max Gillman, and Michael Kejak, "Money Velocity in an Endogenous Growth Business Cycle with Credit Shocks"

Gabriele Camera and Yiting Li, "Another Example of a Credit System that Coexists with Money"

Been-Lon Chen, Mei Hsu, and Chia-Hui Lu, "Inflation and Growth: Impatience and a Qualitative Equivalence"

Gregor W. Smith, "Japan's Phillips Curve Looks Like Japan"


Number 7 (October 2008)

Editors Note

V.V. Chari and Patrick Kehoe, "Time Inconsistency and Free-Riding in a Monetary Union"

Rajeev Dhawan and Karsten Jeske, "Energy Price Shocks and the Macroeconomy: The Role of Consumer Durables"

Thorsten Beck, Asli Demirguc-Kunt, Luc Laeven and Ross Levine, "Finance, Firm Size, and Growth "

Takatoshi Ito and Kyotaka Sato, "Exchange Rate Changes and Inflation in Post-Crisis Asian Economies: VAR Analysis of the Exchange Rate Pass-Through"

Florin O. Bilbiie, André Meier and Gernot J. Müller, "What Accounts for the Changes in US Fiscal Policy Transmission?"

Marcello Pericoli and Marco Taboga, "Cannonical Term-Structure Models with Observable Factors and the Dynamics of Bond Risk Premia"

James M. Steeley, "Testing Term Structure Estimation Methods: Evidence from the U.K. STRIPs"

Shorter Papers, Discussions, and Letters

Jörg Döpke, Jonas Dovern, Jirka Slacaleki and Ulrich Fritsche, "Sticky Information Phillips Curves: European Evidence"

Pierfederico Asdrubali and Soyoung Kim, "Incomplete Intertemporal Consumption Smoothing and Incomplete Risksharing"

Angelo Baglioni and Andrea Monticini, "The Intraday Price of Money: Evidence from the e-MID Interbank Market"

Barbara Caporale and Tony Caporale, "Political Regimes and the Cost of Disinflation"


Number 8 (December 2008)

Pok-sang Lam and Masao Ogaki, "Editors Introduction"

Harris Dellas, Thomas Jordan, and Ulrich Kohli, "Monetary Economics: Where Do We Stand?"

Michael Woodford, "How Important is Money in the Conduct of Monetary Policy?"

Timothy Cogley, Riccardo Colacito, Lars Peter Hansen, and Thomas Sargent, "Robustness and Monetary Policy Experimentation"

Robert King, Yang Lu, and Ernesto Pasten, "Managing Expectations"

Matthew Canzoneri, Robert Cumby, Behzad Diba, and David Lopez-Salido, "Monetary Aggregates and Liquidity in a Neo-Wicksellian Framework"

Nir Jaimovich and Sergio Rebelo, "News and Business Cycles in Open Economies"

Mark Gertler, Luca Sala, and Antonella Trigari, "An Estimated Monetary DSGE Model with Unemployment and Staggered Nominal Wage Bargaining"

Fabrice Collard and Harris Dellas, "Monetary Policy and Inflation in the 70s"

Shorter Papers, Discussions, and Letters

Bennett McCallum, "How Important is Money in the Conduct of Monetary Policy? A Comment"

Edward Nelson, "Why Money Growth Determines Inflation in the Long Run: Answering the Woodford Critique"